Abaya: 1195 QR 

organza embroidered collar Abaya, ( worn backwards for the editorial), Hat: stylist's own. 

It is the story of every strong women, it's the power that all women posses in them, to work hard everyday, wake up against all odds and do what they love and stand for their beliefs. The story of independent modest women, who venture in all fields with educated minds and powerful souls. 

This collection is a multi style multi taste collection to satisfy all tastes, the materials used include silk imported from India, hand colored Lace. silk blend fabrics, and the deepest black shade of Crepe to offset the accents added to the Abayas. 


The Story Behind the Collection 

Abaya: 1700 QR 

Introducing the modern print Abaya 

Celebrating The Working Mothers

This collection is dedicated to all mothers out-there, spending most of their days working to fulfill their dreams, while raising beautiful smart and intelligent kids .

Special thanks to our photographer Baiba Jakubaite, for portraying this image and actually attending on set with her new born Brono ( in the picture) she filmed for over 10 hours with her new born attached to her on a sling, which without a doubt embodies the strength that we posses as women. 

This collection carried a line of limited edition Abayas with silk hand painted and especially designed for WAADdesigns in India. This 2 tone printed silk is the first to be used in the market, and you will definitely see more of it in the year to come.

The collection introduces 3 different shades of this unique print, each print comes to life by blending 2 colors of this 100% silk in a long artistic process of washing the silk by hand. 

Topaz: with a delightful mix of peach and a deeper shade of peach 

Jasper: mixture of emerald green and light green.

Sapphire: a mixture of blue and a subtle tone of sand brown. 

Special color 100 % pure silk Abaya 

Abaya: 1700 QR 

Special color 100 % pure silk Abaya 

Abaya: 1700 QR 

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