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Named after the Gemstone: MoonStone with it's unique pink color this silk color is specially designed by WAADdesigns.


straight cut casual Abaya with a playfull silk flare at the front, made from limited edition hand printed silk that was especially made for WAADdesigns. 

This Limited Edition piece will be available for a short time only ( limited stocks)

عبائه مستخدم فيها الخام الحرير الهندي الطبيعي ١٠٠٪  ، الخام مصنع خصيصا لوعد ديزاينز ويتوفر بكميات محدوده جدا 


Cut: A-line straight عبايه قصه ستريت  

Style : closed front مغلقه من الأمام 

Style note: perfect for day to day wearing  مناسبه للإستخدام اليومي 



Care instructions:

•Dry clean only غسيل بالناشف فقط
•Wipe with wet napkin to clean incidental spots. لتنظيف البقع



MoonStone silk front Abaya

SKU: AW19- 24
silk color
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